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Steffy Lamps at Frenchman Art MarketStephen Richard is a New Orleans artist and owner of Steffy Lamps, a producer of unique mixed media lamps set in wooden frames. The decorative lamps consist of paper and other materials assembled to beautify the effect of the light.

With IDIYA’s computer controlled laser cutter, Stephen cuts materials precisely based on image files that he created digitally.

When Stephen was 19, he visited Disney World and found inspiration in the suspended sconces of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. That’s when he realized how beautiful light can be. “Years later, I had extra gift wrap from Christmas, and I just held it up to the light and started playing with it, and things gradually got more complex.”

Want to see more of Stephen’s art? Look for Stephen at the Frenchman Art Market, where he also sells flower style lamps made by his wife Seonmi Jin. You can also find his work at I.J. Reily’s in the Marigny. If you are a retailer interested in wholesale or consignment, please feel free to reach out to Stephen.