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Bloggers Noirlinians in Polishedbrand

“My inspiration has always mirrored the women I grew up around in New Orleans,” says Christina Blunt, founder of Polishedbrand. “I strive to bring that concept of strong, vibrant, classy, and sexy to the forefront for each design.”

Christina’s creations have appeared in Dallas Fashion Week, pop-up shops, and the most recent RAW New Orleans show in June.

This fashion-forward maker can be found at IDIYA every Friday at 7PM teaching her Sip and Sew class, where attendees receive one-on-one needlework instruction on whatever sewing project they bring to the table. “We bond over commonalities like sewing and socializing,” she explains. “The group has become closely knit.”

Christina also teaches a bimonthly Foundations of Style class, which surveys different sewing styles.

“Being at IDIYA has allowed me to produce at a larger level,” she says. “The work tables, the lighting, and the exposure to contacts and clientele all have impacted my work.” Seeing others working around her pushes Christina to make more, which has led to her booking more fashion shows and other events.

Visit Polishedbrand’s website and buy Christina’s designs >>>

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IDIYA Direct to Garment class instructor and maker Frank Lopiccolo recently connected with Ryan Ballard, Overlord of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus, for an IDIYA Factory order.

Frank holding Chewbacchus undwear

Chewbacchus underwear fresh off the Direct-to-Garment printer

In the week preceding the first annual National Underwear Day Parade, Frank went to work on the direct-to-garment printer to make pair after pair of underwear featuring everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca.

Not only did the National Underwear Day Parade amass nearly 3,000 undergarments for donation to the New Orleans Mission to distribute to the homeless (almost triple its initial goal of 1,000 undergarments)…

But the count of participants at the parade rally, several of whom sported the Chewbacchus underwear from IDIYA Factory, reached 2,442, and (pending Guinness approval) is rumored to have broken the existing Guinness World Record for largest gathering of people wearing only underwear–set at 2,270 in Salt Lake City in 2011.

Some watchers along the parade route  doffed their outer layers and joined the procession, driving the participant count up and off the record.

Find out more about Direct-to-Garment Printing at IDIYA! >>>

Chewbacchus underwear default

The Wookiee wins again!

Chewbacchus underwear on the press

Chewbacchus underwear on the press