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“It is incredible the resources that are thrown out,” says Lester “Trey” Bernard with reference to his tendency to reclaim discarded wood for his art projects. He explains that upcycling is economically beneficial and people are generally happy to relinquish their so-called trash.

Trey’s creations are retro, psychedelic, weird, pop, posterized, solarized, and visually duplicative. Several pieces can be seen at

In addition to furniture, Trey makes various sculptural and pictorial works often drawing from pop culture examples like Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, and Ghandi, whose portrait he laser etched into the base of a skateboard for the 2015 Sailor’s Cross Tattoo Sk8board Show.

The range of media in Trey’s work includes plywood, industrial wood pallets, and shipping crate covers. He experiments widely with halftone depictions (such as the Ghandi skateboard) and solarization effects, and enjoys fine tuning laser cutting settings to calibrate the levels of solarization. Trey is intrigued by how halftone imagery is unrecognizable at a close distance, and that once the image is seen, it sticks in the mind and cannot be unseen.

Trey is a web designer-developer, graphic designer, and founder of His journey into art started in college at University of South Florida with his exploration of various printmaking techniques. He became inspired by printmaking, but wanted to incorporate more tools, media, and techniques. The evolution and appearance of Trey’s work today recapture this early inspiration.

Currently, Trey is experimenting with a technique and medium he has not combined before: burning the back of a mirror with a laser cutter. In his furniture design projects, Trey is incorporating “modular fashion” into a table, where the legs can be moved around and placed in 256 different combinations. This allows the user to have many pieces of furniture incorporated into one.

On the horizon, Trey will be doubling down on distributing his work at market gigs, art shows, and