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Maker of the Month: Frank Lopiccolo

Frank LopiccoloIn August, we blogged about how IDIYA’s direct-to-garment specialist Frank Lopiccolo’s Chewbacca underwear may have helped the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus break a Guinness world record of the most people wearing only underwear gathered in one place.

The spotlight is shining on him again this month for Maker of the Month.

“Ever since I was young, I liked to skate and was fascinated by different skate brands. I became motivated to create my own,” says Frank. After nearly 5 years of working out of his dining room with a screenprinter, he also became interested in designing for a wider audience that includes women and high fashion markets.

In 2016, the “Regionally Inspired Iconic Style” High Brass Apparel clothing line was born, drawing inspiration from iconic artwork and popular culture.

High Brass Apparel can be found in Jean Therapy and Revival Outpost. The clothing line has also appeared in pop-ups in New Orleans and Austin.

The name “High Brass Apparel” is derived from New Orleans. “I was inspired by music culture in New Orleans. After researching different instruments, I discovered that the trumpet has the highest register in the brass family.”

High Brass Apparel is going digital this month and will be available for sale online. Frank is currently planning  a move to Los Angeles where he will work on entering a bigger market.

If you placed an order for a custom article through IDIYA Factory, chances are Frank had a hand in fulfilling your order.


High Brass Apparel High Brass Apparel