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RosyRipe: Lasercut Bodycandy with a Purpose

Marissa in RosyRipe

Marissa Noell in RosyRipe swag

“I certainly embrace art for art’s sake, but for me everything I make has to have some kind of purpose,” says Marissa Noell, a graphic designer and founder of RosyRipe.

Under RosyRipe, Marissa produces and sells a variety of novel jewelry designs and wearables using IDIYA’s laser cutters and materials like high heat silicone rubber and old inner tubes from her bike.

“I got a flat tire and pulled it on out,” said Marissa. Instead of throwing the inner tube away, she literally turned trash into treasure by making jewelry out of it.

Marissa’s flexible materials of choice arch and conform to the body, resulting in intriguing works of jewelry.

“Creating new fashion has always been a big interest for me. I wanted to create wearable things that I haven’t seen before for myself,” says Marissa. After some time of wearing her creations in public, it became evident that people wanted their hands on and in them. This led to the beginning of RosyRipe, a product line that has been described as “gothic cute.”

Cat on the Moon Earrings

The popular Cat on the Moon earrings is one item that will benefit animal organizations in November

“I want to see how far I can go with recycled materials, and to incorporate advocacy with my design,” says Marissa on her vision for her work’s evolution.

In October, the “nasty woman” necklace was born in response to Donald Trump’s description of Hillary Clinton as “such a nasty woman.” Women’s organizations benefit from a portion of the sales.

Animal Shelter Week is in November, and Marissa plans to donate some of the profits generated by animal-themed products to relevant animal organizations.

RosyRipe wearables can be found online at Etsy and in New Orleans at Road Kill, Miette, and Fifi Mahony’s. Marissa also vends at various markets, including the Frenchman Art Market, Magazine Street Market, and Freret Street Market. In addition, RosyRipe products have appeared in popups in New Orleans and New York City.

Before Marissa started using the makerspace at IDIYA, she had to outsource a remote factory to fabricate everything from her digital designs. “I was limited on materials, and it was not cost-effective,” says Marissa.

IDIYA has enabled her to take control of production, experiment with more materials, fabricate on-demand, and more quickly iterate on the underlying digital designs of her wearables by making them in-person on IDIYA’s laser cutters.

Felicity Magazine Lividity Magazine Eyeball Choker

Pictured above are a shot by Felicity Magazine, the Nightbloom Eclipse Silhouette choker in Lividity Magazine, and the Eyeball choker.

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