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laser cut bird house diy maker space new orleans

Maker space New Orleans uses laser cutter to make wooden bird house

IDIYA now has three laser cutters with 27″ x 19″ etching and cutting capability. These cutters can etch and cut cloth, leather, cardboard, wood and plastics up to 1/4″ thick.

Projects made with laser cutters by IDIYA members:

  • Mardi Gras shark costume from cutting cloth patterns they designed
  • Finely cut leather clothing, costumes and jewelry
  • Laser etched blue jeans with unique etching patterns without cutting the jeans
  • Preproduction fabrication and rapid prototyping
  • Hand written (on an iPad) then laser cut wood sign
Our laser cutters can take some fairly large projects
  Maximum dimension of laser cutting materials
  • Cardboard 1/2″
  • Plastics 1/4”
  • Cloth & leather 1/4″
  • Wood 1/4″
Popular uses for our laser cutters:
  • Cloth & leather:
    • Making costumes including
    • Laser etched leather
    • Blue jeans
    • Custom cut leather jewelry and fashion pieces
  • Testing & product fabrication
  • Jewelry making
  • Wooden signage
  • Mardi Gras wooden doubloons (perfect in New Orleans) VIDEO below
  • Craft projects like the birdhouse at right (plans available)
Laser cutting wooden doubloons for Mardi Gras throws

Laser cutting wooden doubloons for Mardi Gras throws

Start laser cutting your New Orleans art, production and engineering projects today with this IDIYA promotional offer – sign up for one year, pay only $99 month

 Autodesk Fusion 360 – Modeling software for laser cutters and 3d printers:
  • FREE 1 year license for subscription members of IDIYA
  • FREE Fusion 360 training classes at IDIYA every Weds 6-8 (for IDIYA members)
  • FREE 3 year license for students, teachers & educational staff.
  • FREE 1 year license for members of Startups who have not yet released a product

Take a peek at the IDIYA Grand Opening Video created by one of our members Alana Torres. We are still reminiscing about how much fun we had that night. A night of food and spirits, laser cutters, 3D printing and CNC. Can’t get much better than that. Thanks to all who came out and made it a huge success!


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idiya_team4 idiya_team3
idiya_scissors idiya_team1

IDIYA News Clip with Erin Nicole, reporter from WGNO’s News with a Twist. Erin spent some time at IDIYA on the morning of our Grand Opening. As same with most first timers coming to IDIYA, Erin was blown away about how you can take your idea to reality with the equipment and education offerings of IDIYA.  Thanks to WGNO for getting the word out about IDIYA! We hope you enjoy the laser etched wooded plaques we make for you and folks over at WGNO.


Thanks so much to all of you that came out for the IDIYA Grand Opening Party! It was a very special night for us and and it was so nice to have a little fun after all the hard work we had put into getting the space ready. It was a blast and we have enjoyed hearing you say so! Apparently, we have a some party people amongst our DIY culture here in New Orleans. We expected no less. Make sure to Join our Mailing  list to hear about future events. We are already starting to plan our NEXT PARTY. Details to follow later this summer.